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Buying A House 101

1. Decide to buy.

Base your decision to buy on facts, not fears.

2. Hire your agent.

Choose an expert that will guide you through the home buying and selling process.

3. Secure financing.

From start to finish, you will follow a six-step, easy-to-understand process to securing the financing for your first home.

4. Find your home.

Looking for your home begins with carefully assessing your values, wants, and needs, both for the short and long terms.

5. Make an offer.

The right offer must fairly reflect the true market value of the home you want to buy. Your agent's market research will guide this decision.

6. Perform due diligence.

Unlike most major purchases, once you buy a home, you can't return it if something breaks or doesn't quite work like it's supposed to. That's why home owner's insurance and property inspections are so important.

7. Close.

The final stage of the home buying process is the lender's confirmation of the home's worth and legal statue, and your continued credit-worthiness. This entails a survey, appraisal, title search, and a final check of your credit and finances.

8. Protect your investment.

Throughout the course of your home-buying experience, you've probably spent a lot of time with your real estate agent and you've gotten to know each other fairly well. There's no reason to throw all that trust and rapport out the window just because the deal has closed. In fact, your agent wants you to keep in touch.

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